6 Things You Can Do to Reduce Costs in Your Restaurant

Posted by Aloha POS Hawaii on 3/16/2016 to Articles
  1. Control the speed of service so that your guests do not feel rushed or bored.
  2. Manage check times to keep them in your target range.
  3. Effectively train your staff on recipes and procedures to reduce preparation and cooking errors.
  4. Evaluate your cooking and prep stations to see if they can be streamlined or simplified.
  5. Manage food orders and coordinate timing to avoid overlapping meal courses that result it having to re-make food.
  6. Make sure modifiers are logical and easy-to-read for your kitchen staff to improve order accuracy.

These six basics can be easy to overlook when you’re thinking of innovative ways to reduce costs. But by “getting back to basics”, a restaurateur can continue to operate with the high level of quality the guests have come to expect while still saving money in the kitchen.