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Running your business can be extremely overwhelming. With NCR’s business management tools, you’ll get insight into every aspect of your business, from real-time reports on current sales and analyzed historical reporting to software that monitors suspicious activities, so you can make smart business decisions from anywhere. Whether you’re in the office or on your couch at home, you can gain secure access to your business to make sure it’s running like it should.

IT downtime can cost your business more than lost revenue. The most important component of any technology solution is the ability for your IT teams to remotely support your systems and manage configurations and distributions from a central database. Aloha can handle that. Aloha cloud applications give you unprecedented control over your IT operations by providing real-time visibility into your software and hardware. Troubleshoot and resolve issues rapidly before they impact your operations and configure your system for optimal use.

Learn More About Aloha:
  • Aloha Restaurant Guard Aloha Restaurant Guard
    Restaurant Guard theft deterrence software helps protect your restaurant’s profits.
  • Aloha Insight Reporting Aloha Insight Reporting
    Web based reporting tools to measure operational performance accurately to make smart business decisions quickly.
  • Aloha Configuration Center Aloha Configuration Center
    It is a centralized database management application allowing you to manage menu items, price changes or POS configuration update for multiple restaurants.
  • Aloha Labor Management Aloha Labor Management
    Your financial stability can be severely impacted without detailed insight into your labor cost.
  • Network and POS Security Network and POS Security
    How are you protecting your customers’ data? We can help provide the right tools for your network’s security.
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