Aloha Pulse Realtime Alerts

How do you get clear visibility into your business at the exact moment you need it? It can be challenging to have multiple points of access to operational information. The NCR Pulse Platform provides you 24/7 mobile access to your data on your smart phone:

Immediate Sales Data

  • Breakdown of net sales by hour, day part, revenue, category and order mode.
  • Current day’s sales are compared to the same day of previous week and previous year.
  • Artificial intelligence engines predict where sales will end up for the day, enabling quick adjustments.

Productivity Insights

  • Manage employee overtime with simplistic labor views and overtime alerts.
  • Employee Efficiency tile shows each server’s table turn time, allowing for better section assignments.
  • Employee Leaders tile provides a scorecard ranking of each employee’s sales, tip averages and other analytics.

Reduced Comps and Voids

  • Reduce comps, promos and voids by % points by being alerted to high amounts as they occur.
  • Identify items not being rung in through immediate check viewing.
  • Use the item tracker to monitor the success of promotions on a specific item you have on special.

Improved Guest Experience

  • Have more detailed table visits with guests by being able to view their checks in real time.
  • See current tables and their number of guests, total check amount and length of dining experience.
  • Compare the number of guests in your restaurant to the amount of staff clocked in for better coverage.

Pulse Platform Integration

  • Mobile integration of other NCR solutions, including Restaurant Guard and Customer Voice.
  • Manage social media activity (Facebook and Twitter) through consolidated alert reporting.
  • Platform to support additional mobile integration in the future.

Unleash the power of mobile technology, watch the video to learn how mobile reports and alerts helps you to be on top of your day to day restaurant operations, from anywhere! Watch the video and see how it works!