Inventory Control

Optimum Control - The Most Comprehensive Inventory Management Software Available!

Saves Time: Optimum Control software directly integrates with Aloha Point of Sale system thus eliminating double entry.

Recipe Costing: Calculate sub recipe costs. Calculate food/ liquor costs and usages, Calculate gross profit for every menu Item.

Inventory Control: Value using FIFO Last Cost or Average Price. Calculate theoretical usage and costs.  Customize count sheets.

Purchase Order Processing: Print order guides by supplier and groups. Upload orders to suppliers online. Compare pricing between suppliers.

Catering and Banquets: Detail event time, serve time and duration. Calculate cost per person for any event. Print stock required list for each event.

Multi-unit Chain Restaurant: Web based application for chain operations. Export new recipes to all or select locations. Consolidated reporting.

Concise Reporting: Over 70 reports available including Actual vs. theoretical comparison, Profit and Loss, Invoice Detail and many more.