NCR Aloha File Servers

Our Aloha Back of the House File Servers have been designed to support your long-term investment in POS solutions. With the combination of reliable solid-state components typically found in NCR’s hardware and the performance of industry standard PC technology, this powerful hardware enables the high and ongoing uptime that your restaurant business needs.

The N3000 Server

The N3000 is built with Intel® components, reliable solid-state drives and advanced cooling technology, giving it high performance capabilities and lifespan longevity. The N3000 will also give you the peace of mind you want and need to ensure that end-of-day operations run smoothly and your site’s data is always securely backed up. The small form factor allows wall or rack mounting to enhance physical security.

The N3000 also minimizes maintenance and support costs by removing parts and heat. Use of long road map components translate into a more consistent and stable image; no need to constantly rebuild images due to component changes. Additionally, NCR image management is included with operating system updates.

The S338 Server

Build with high performance Intel processors and integrating the latest PC technologies, the NCR S338 file server delivers the same long-term reliability and service commitment provided by the rest of your restaurant's point of sale system. Use the NCR S338 as a cost-effective and powerful tool that exceeds the demands required by your business.