NCR Hardware Maintenance

CompuTant realizes that maintenance on your system is extremely important to running an efficient business profitably. We service NCR point of sale terminals and servers equipment with Depot Exchange service plans to meet the changing scope of business today. Why spend time and money doing break-fix while you can get a replacement hardware unit in two days, covered by NCR extended warranty plan?

  • All NCR Hardware such as point of sale terminals and servers come with one year depot exchange warranty coverage. You have the option to extend it for a nominal fee for additional five years. With NCR hardware you will always know your total cost of ownership for the life of your restaurant point of sale system.
  • Depot Exchange - no break-fix, no waiting for parts for weeks, no shipping expense.
  • Requests received by 11:00 am (Hawaii Standard Time) are processed by NCR that day; requests received after 11:00 am (Hawaii Time) will be processed by NCR the next day and scheduled for delivery in two days.
  • Hardware can be shipped by NCR to CompuTant or directly from NCR warehouse to the customer's site. Our technicians will install the replacement hardware. Customer will return the failed hardware to NCR. NCR will pay for the shipping to the site and for the return. The failed part must be returned to NCR by customer within fifteen days. If part is not received within the fifteen days by NCR the client will be invoiced for the amount of the replacement part.
  • Call CompuTant to enroll in Depot Exchange Service Agreement Program.