POS Equipment Leasing

Optimum Restaurant Efficiency and Savings

These days, more and more restaurant owners are embracing technology to increase their efficiency. They are replacing their old-fashioned cash registers and hand-written orders with point of sale (POS) systems that house virtually every restaurant function in one convenient location.

Customer reservations and available tables show up on a computer screen. The wait staff can input orders with just a few finger taps. And chefs and bar employees will see every order in real-time. As you can see, Aloha POS technology can do wonders for your restaurant's image and efficiency. VendLease can help you save money with an affordable point of sale system leasing plan. It is fast and flexible!

POS Leasing Servers up Minimal Upfront Costs and Tax Benefits

Leasing POS systems makes sense when money is tight or the upfront cost is high.  In addition, financing offers great tax advantages for your restaurant. Just ask your accountant how the Section 179 tax deduction benefits you. VendLease has helped restaurants of all sizes with custom-designed point of sale leasing programs, and they can do the same for you. To get started, submit your online lease application today.